Asbestos Bulk Sample Analysis

It is a legal requirement (Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) that any laboratory engaged in testing materials for asbestos must hold UKAS accreditation.Asbestos Bulk Sampling

Asbestos Analysis is carried out in accordance with HSG 248 (The Analyst's Guide), utilising Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM).

We have a purpose built laboratory, with a full team of over ten P401 qualified and experienced analysts. Asbestos Identification results are available to our clients in PDF format within 15 minutes of authorisation.

Potential Asbestos fibres are identified using the following method:

  • Bulk Analysis requires use of 2 different types of microscope to assess the physical and refractive properties of fibres to identify them.
  • Low Power stereo microscopes are used to find fibres within the sample.
  • An initial visual examination is carried out of the sample to tease out any potential fibres and to assess any treatment required. This is followed by a more detailed search to classify the fibre types.
  • Sample treatment takes place if required, to isolate any fibres.
  • High Power Microscope with Plane Polarised Light is used to test various aspects of the fibre with respect to light.
  • Different fibres reflect different amounts of light and refract it in different ways. Light passes through fibres at different speeds leading to colour changes, and passes through fibres only at certain angles.
  • These various characteristic are compared to a chart to determine the fibre type.
  • Any fibres found under low power are mounted onto microscope slides and immersed in a Refractive Index Liquid (RI). This is to simulate as close as possible the original specification of the fibre.
  • PLM techniques are the used to positively identify any asbestos fibres.

We have all the required experience, qualifications, expertise and insurance and an established track record in this field, accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO17025. The UKAS badge is for your peace of mind and assurance of our impartiality, independence and integrity.

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